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wicked_mod's Journal

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Welcome to a community exclusively for mod fashion!

This just in; you don't have to hate rockers to be a mod. Like the fashion? Don't care much for the 'movement?' Actually, that's not even very important. Do you just really really like mod clothes? Then join!

After you click the link that says, "To join this community, click here," it would be smashing for you to post a short introduction, possibly including pictures. Everyone loves pictures. (But please put them behind a livejournal-cut if there are more then three.) Don’t know what a lj-cut is? Go here. Make sure to state the basic necessities such as your name, and how you are mod/want to be mod.

After you join, feel free to get into what this community about. This is a place to discuss the fashion, post pictures of clothes, and to get help and ideas from fellow members! (Basically, post anything if it's related to mod or the 60's fashion.)

  • Post often and liberally after joining.
  • Please do not advertise without first getting permission from the mods.
  • This is a hate and discrimination-free environment.

    Mod is Fashionable Love

    Your mod mods: